About Quick-Wins

Quick-Wins has a very noble and development oriented mission which is:
Driving development in MEA through providing strategic advisory services to portfolio holders, venture capitals, and groups to help them startup effective businesses and turn around their losing companies,

With a very ambitious yet achievable vision that emphasizes value creation through different business lines which is,To be the leading region-based strategic advisory firm by value created by 2015

Quick-Wins also has a management philosophy behind its model. That’s why it operates through two different business lines that work in synergy to offer a full fledged service. This philosophy is built on:

  • SME’s are the main channel for economic development
  • Following the 80/20 rule is extremely efficient & essential to maintain our cost advantage
  • Developing people is the only way for developing companies
  • Building synergies is the way for small fish to compete with big sharks
  • Targeting a high level of diversity in both our team and our client base
  • Our focus on MEA does not restrict us to MEA-based companies or projects
  • Presenting pragmatic solutions rather than idealistic recommendations


Consulting Services:

  • Quick-Wins provides a wide range of management consulting services that cover the main areas of business, from strategy to operations, as well as the different functions of business, from marketing to sales to finance
  • Quick-Wins has a proven methodology for delivering the different modules
  • Quick-Wins adopts a financial-oriented approach that converts all project issues and results into quantifiable financial measures that are objective and easy to track, as well as clarify results
  • Quick-Wins adopts simulation based scenarios that simulate the different recommendations offered to test the effectiveness of the recommendations
  • Quick-Wins tends to base its recommendations implementation on technology platforms to guarantee efficiency of implementation
  • Quick-Wins has extensive relations with various large and established IT firms, which can facilitate the implementation of the different projects
  • Below is an illustrative offering of the consulting services:

Management Services:

  • As part of its dedication to strategic management, as well as its will to support innovative projects, Quick-Wins offers management services to support smaller subsidiaries and spinoffs during the phases of launch or turnaround
  • Within this scope, Quick-Wins establishes a Strategy and Development Office (SDO) to be responsible for providing strategic initiatives and focus
  • In most cases, Quick-Wins even supports the actual implementation of these initiatives.
  • To ensure the success of these initiatives, Quick-Wins gets strongly involved for a long-term engagement that is usually several months
  • Quick-Wins provides back-end support to current management to overcome any shortages in management capacities
  • Quick-Wins ensures that strategy and implementation get integrated seamlessly at the project start-up phase
  • Quick-Wins also employs smooth and pragmatic change management programs during the turning-around of distressed businesses
  • Below is an illustrative offering of the management services:

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