There are many reasons why you should join us, and these all link to our values as an organization. People are what make our business such a great place to work and if you fit the values that align with working in our company then we know you will enjoy being part of our future success and expansion.

We challenge you to recognize your potential and discover your future! With ‘Partnership’ as one of B-Conn’s core values, we offer a range of generous benefits to assist permanent employees who are finely and meticulously selected. Our Remuneration Policy focuses on developing short and long term compensation and benefits since our main focus is to ensure that the company remains competitive within the market it operates in, to ensure we attract and retain the right talent.

This section is designed to give you, as a prospective applicant, an understanding of the total package you may be offered if you are successful in your application.

  • Excellent career prospects and a chance to grow within the company
  • Investment in self-development
  • A chance to contribute and make a difference in the currently gripping businesses
  • Delivering interesting and meaningful work to blue-chip clients
  • Constant exposure to new opportunities and situations
  • An opportunity to make a difference and realize your potentials

As one of B-Conn cherished employees, you will also be entitled to the following benefits:

  • Annual leave: a minimum of 21 working days in addition to public holidays
  • Medical and social insurance
  • Eligible to a variable bonus program based upon the profit results of the company for the financial year
  • Flexible working hours

Furthermore, we mentor new hires for success and provide many avenues to make their assimilation into the firm easy, orderly, and accountable. In return, we expect a high level of performance and passion to deliver superior results.

As a company we are successful because we hire, engage and retain talented employees from different backgrounds and areas of expertise who match the standard capabilities we need. However, equally important is that these talented employees have their own priorities and career aspirations met as individuals. This alignment is our work force strength and leads to our business success as well as your personal advancement!!

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