About B-Conn Group

Who we are

B-Conn is a holding group offering integrated business services in the areas of Consulting, Training and IT. Based in Dubai with international office in London and operational office in Cairo, B-Conn serves its customers all over the MENA region and across Europe.

B-Conn Group has three subsidiaries; Quick-Wins offering business consulting and strategic advisory services, Skills Worldwide offering general management and vocational training services and A-Tech Group offering different IT services with much focus on the internet and digital marketing services.
Each company has its separate team and management. They do operate separately yet B-Conn Group offers integrated business services which are custom designed for its customers based on their need.

B-Conn Group was founded in 2005 and has started its subsidiaries one after the other in the first 2 years. It is a merge of a group of senior consultants and senior directors from different multinational companies and leading regional groups in the business services sector.

B-Conn operates in UAE, Qatar, KSA, Egypt and UK. It also has frequent projects in Kuwait, Bahrain, Sudan, Libya, Algeria, and the United States. Its operation in those countries is either by the presence of any of its subsidiaries or by the holding group presence.


To create maximum value to our clients and help them in transforming their organizations to a successful growing entities via integrating business services.


To be the leading business services holding group in the MENA region by value created by 2020.

Quick-Wins | Strategic Advisory

Quick-Wins is a professional Strategic Advisory firm that helps you implement and develop strategic management.

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Skills Worldwide

Skills Worldwide is one of the most prominent training and R&D companies in the fields of general management.

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A-Tech | We Bring Technology to Business

A-Tech Group is a leading IT company in the Middle East headquartered in Dubai, UAE. It serves client businesses.

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