About B-Conn Group

Our Culture

B-Conn has a very unique culture that is solid and common across its subsidiaries as well as in the holding group. This distinctive culture is tangible and consistent in the company internal operations, partners’ relations and clients’ engagements.

The group’s core values are the main pillars of its culture. Those values are so deep and integrative. They are:


The company’s policy dictates that transparency in all dealings is a must. Credibility and incorruptibility are continuously advocated and encouraged by the management team. That is why we always opt for an honest and open debate free of any kind of bias. By being consistently honest, trustworthy and conducting ourselves with the outmost integrity and sincerity, we believe that we will attract as many calibers and clients as possible.


Simplicity is the key to what we do. By working smarter and not harder, we make every possible effort to enhance personal effectiveness. In order to do that, the company exerts a lot of effort in realizing a customer-focused approach to prove that simplicity can become a genuine competitive advantage that distinguishes the company from any of its competitors.


In B-Conn, all employees are encouraged to voice their opinions in a fairly casual fashion. When one chooses to be more honest with others, the morale and productivity of the whole team improves in the process. In fact, telling the truth is probably the single most cost-effective and simple way to productivity and employee satisfaction.

Value Adding

In B-Conn, we endeavor to build a rapport with our clients through adding substantial value to their lives and helping them realize their utmost potentials in whichever paths they choose to pursue. We constantly challenge ourselves to improve the value added to our customers and even the organization itself by providing our clients with high quality and extraordinary services. By creating long-term, win-win relationships and focusing on achieving excellence, we look forward to attracting as many clients as possible.


The spirit of B-Conn is that of partnership and affiliation. This is manifested on both the corporate and the functional levels. The decision making process, for instance, is equally shared between all pertinent parties in order to realize one common goal. All opinions and perspectives, furthermore, are put together for the team to reach the most satisfactory results.

Continuous Development

B-Conn aims at being more selective and focused when it comes to development. Indeed, there is a growing trend to develop management skills and techniques. Hence, on the individual level, continuous development manifests itself via team members who are motivated enough to take action. Being proactive at identifying areas in which the company needs to develop, the team regularly examines areas of strengths and weaknesses in order to acquire the skills necessary for future advancement and growth.
Continuous development for the company is the ability “to learn how to learn” and “a continuing openness to experience”. By utilizing this learning edge, the company seeks to be more flexible and adaptable to the rapidly changing market. Rather than having our development mapped out for us, we manage it for ourselves!

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